Ever since it opened more than a year back, I've returned more than a few times.


F.I.S.H restaurant at Tampines One Mall. It is actually a subsidiary of Fish n Co. I have not been to Fish n Co before since it is not halal.However, many of my non-Muslim friends say they prefer F.I.S.H.

What do I like about this restaurant?

Well, I kinda like the layout and decor. I feel that much thoughts and effort had been put in, in designing the place.

Anyway, husby picked up the sick me from work yesterday afternoon and we decided to have lunch there. It was peak hour though so we had to walk around for about half hour before we could go in.

I would say the service there is rather good. The crew is friendly and polite, food comes fast and any need/matter raised is attended promptly.

So what did we have?

 Egg N Shrimp Rocket.
 Ok, I have no idea what is so rocket-ish about this dish . I would say it has an interesting name and presentation but it is just egg :). The prawns were fresh though!

Sambal Skate Wings.
What wings? No idea. But this was GOOD! A little
like sambal BBQ stingray but much better! I
was wondering if it would taste best eaten with rice :)

Our almost-gone Grilled Peri-Peri Squid. This is my
     absolute favourite! I order this almost
     everytime I eat here.

His Whitefish in Barramundi sauce.
I like this dish but I decided to try something else for the day....

Each dish is usually served with baby potatoes and seasonal vegetables. I like the potato. A bit tasteless but that can always be corrected with salt.

The better alternative to fries!

He ordered the Chocolate Pecan Pie but I forgot to snap a pic of it . Ooops!

I was sick but because I really like the food there, I finished up more than I thought I could! Even husby was amazed at my healthy appetite - so much for being sick!

Although you would expect mainly fish to be served on the menu , they also serve chicken and steak. There have been mixed reviews among my some of my friends about their food but I think so far , so good... Or maybe, I am easy to please?

Anyway, if u need details, here they are :

10 Tampines Central 1 (outside the MRT Station)
#04-11 Tampines 1
Tel: +65 6260 0183


Anonymous said...

It looks really delicious. It is outside which MRT station?

FairyQueen said...

Eve> Hi ! It is just outside Tampines MRT. When u exit the gate, go towards the right :)

Phittera said...

ooh, looks like something i might try someday. do you know whether there are other outlets?

drop by here!

FairyQueen said...

Phiterra> I don't think they have other outlets yet. Will drop by ur site :)