I was doing my daily routine of reading news online at straitstimes.com.... yeah , somehow I cannot really find the time to indulge in actual newspaper reading so I often resort to this to catch up on the latest news.

Did you guys read about the person who died because he was eaten by maggots???

Disgusting !

The poor man was paralysed and his partner slept on the same bed each night, without washing him regularly. OMG!!! Super disgusting lah...

Read the details:

Man eaten to death by maggots

VIENNA (Austria) - A PARALYSED Austrian man was eaten to death by maggots in his bed while his partner slept beside him, police said on Wednesday. 

The 61-year-old retiree died in an ambulance on his way to hospital in Vienna on Tuesday with the maggots having partly devoured his back. 

Paramedics notified police after discovering the shocking state of hygiene in the man's home, and his 34-year-old partner was questioned over his condition. 

'The man had not wanted to be washed for a long time,' a police spokesman said. 

According to police, the couple had been together for around a decade, and the victim's partner had slept in the same bed right up until his death. 

The dead man had been paralysed for several years following a stroke. -- AFP

I wonder what the partner was thinking when she did not bathe him for a 'long time'. He must have really stinked too.... and she could stand it? I thought love is just blind, apparently, this is more than that.

Poor man.....he must have been really uncomfortable with his unclean condition.

People with poor hygiene really disgust me . Hmmmmm..... I wonder if there is a punishment for such a partner...


Wei Hao aka WevHez said...

A sad state of affairs. But cannot help it. Every kind of person exists in this world