It is taking longer than I thought...

I am on a week's MC , due to some complications with the heart and breathing system. But that's not  what I am blogging about.

I have been warned by the husby not to do any housework while he is away at work. He called a few times just to check what I had been doing.

But I get very restless when I have nothing to do . ... so I decided to clear my wardrobe. And it is taking longer than expected!

I have only managed to clear / put aside unwanted stuffs and re-arranging approximately a quarter of the interior. I knew I had many stuffs but I did not expect that much! I got tired and I guess, will have to continue tomorrow.... I will write a proper blog on this !

Anyway, there are some tops which are still good enough to be discarded......

Should I try to sell  (never done this before and do people go for pre-loved goods?)  or should I just bring back to pass to my relatives in Malaysia?

Oh !I suddenly remember that I need to look for my black cardigan.... time for a good mess again :)