High Tea @ Carousel

I refused to take the car to Orchard yesterday because I was afraid that it would flood!

Yes, my husby laughed at me but I gave him a serious tone and said," It's no laughing matter, ok?" Heh...so paranoid... but I would not want to risk the chance of spoiling my precious car :)

We reached the hotel (Royal Plaza on Scotts - opposite Far East Plaza) five minutes before the start of the high tea yet , there was already a long queue. I wanted to join the queue but since I had made reservations, we decided to just wait till it was time to go in.

When it was time, the line was basically split into two - those who made reservations and those who didn't. Obviously, there were people left disappointed because this place is always full, especially on weekends. So, better reserve about 4 - 5 days in advance.

Oh, my name was the first on the list. Haha! *cheap thrill*

I was aiming for that ....

All ready to go...

The minute I sat down , I knew what I wanted to get first. I always take the same things first on every visit here.

I love the prawns here because they are very fresh!
Sashimi is a must because I adore the taste of it dipped
in wasabi.....  Ok,drooling..... :P .This was actually my
opening and closing dish for the day. Heh.

Some of the other foods that I consumed

Ok, ok .... I know it seems very little. Pay so much, eat so little! Oh well, the truth is we were busy stuffing ourselves .. the camera was forgotten for a while :)

It was a good eating session , we were there for slightly more than 2 hours.

High tea buffet was at $38 each ..so plus taxes and all, it was about $90. Hmmm.... I think it is better to come during weekdays, cheaper by approximately $10.

So if you plan to go here, don't forget to call first if you don't want to be disappointed.

Royal Plaza On Scotts Singapore
Carousel Restaurant

25 Scotts Road (S) 228220

Tel: 6589 7799

Happy End-of-Weekend !!!! (trying to be optimistic...)