It is amazing how horrible people in the service line can be.

I don't mean all , of course. Despite what people may say , my shopping experience in Singapore has been good most of the time. It is only a handful that spoils the whole broth.

And trust me when I say I am one of the most pleasant customers one can get. Hehe...

I was at the polyclinic this morning as I was not feeling too well. I didn't feel like going to my private doctor because it is quite a distance away. I have been to polyclinics before and all had been rather pleasant (minus the queues).

I collected my medicines from this middle-aged Malay man. He asked me for my IC no and I answered in English - which , I am sure, is a norm for most people. He further explained to me about how / when to take those meds, in Malay but in a very curt manner.

Obviously if someone speaks to me in Malay , I would respond in the same language. I just said," Oh, baiklah..itu saje kan (oh, alright....that's all, right?) ?"

And u know what he did? He slammed the medicines on the counter and answered in a harsh tone, " Awak faham ke tak ni???? " (You understand or not????)

Wah lau..... I was wondering what I had done to piss him off. ...either he hated me answering in English initially or he thought I was some uneducated Malay lady. Just because I was sneezing and wheezing? Sheeesshhhh......

After that , I went to this Chinese stall selling halal chicken rice. Quite cheap , only $2.50 for a takeout. When I asked her if I could have an extra packet of chilli, she told me (AGAIN, in a rude tone)," Must pay , you know, if everything wants extra!"

Seriously, what's up with these people? I then told her it was okay if she charged me extra... if that's their style, then who am I to refuse, right?

But she had to anger me even more by retorting, " Aiyah ! I give u free lah ! Next time must pay!" And yes, in that stupid rude tone of hers.

I wished I had said something to her but I was feeling super drowsy and really just wanted to get home. Husby would have flared up, for sure.

Never mind. For sure, I won't be a return customer.


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Iqah said...

I couldn't agree with you more!

Yesterday I was at Mr Bean. After paying for the pancakes, I checked the pancakes and was surprised they gave me cheese instead chocolate. Told the two nyonyas I wanted three chocolate pancakes. Not cheese. I repeated my order not once, not twice but thrice and they still got it wrong. Not my fault. Apparently chocolate and cheese sounded the same to them.

Then they told me they only had two chocolate pancakes left and insisted that I took one of the cheese. I said no. I don't like cheese. Told me to wait for 10 minutes. I replied ok. Obviously they were not happy.

So I waited... One customer came and asked for chocolate pancake and they gave mine. I thought hey, that's ok since I need to wait for another one pancake. Then another two customers came and the nyonya gave another two of the chocolate pancakes to them which should be mine! By then I feel like swearing and cursing. Actually I did, just not out loud.

So what's supposed to be 10 mins became 30 minutes.

PUNYA GERAM!!! Wished I had said something to them.

//end rant

FairyQueen said...

Iqah> And u did not say anything?????? They were too much , u should have said something!....eeeee.... geram seh dengar. I hope it is not due to that discriminatory R-word!

FairyQueen said...

mars mell-o> u hv such a pretty blog :)

Iqah said...

should have been mine**

No I didn't say anything. I was too hungry and I could have said something vulgar. Ha!

Btw, get well soon! :-)

U know who lahhh said...

U both ar.. Must have me with u one.. I won't give them face.. I will give them shit.. My gangsterism sure come out one..Can't stand pple like this!!