I have always liked buying watches. I feel that they do not just serve a functional purpose but act as aesthetic accessories as well. A watch can spice up a whole outfit.

In the recent years, I have grown a liking for DKNY and Kenneth Cole. Although I do have a few of the former, I only have one Kenneth Cole watch because the brand is rather pricey. The only I own is also free ... hehehe... it was a birthday gift from the darling :)

But I still have a special bind to Swatch watches. My very first Swatch watch was a birthday gift from a dear auntie back when I was in Secondary Two. It was very precious to me and I really took great care of it. It breathed its last breath a couple years back, in 2008. RIP .

Got this in Arab Saudi in 1998. Still looking good!

This was a funny case. 2008 Mother's Day Promotion. I didn't get it for my momma but for myself! Very pretty , with crystals.... HOwever, the original strap has gone "kaput" and has been recently replaced by this plain beige one.

From the bestie. Unfortunately, the strap broke and till now, I can't get it replaced. The watch dealer keeps saying they need to look for its special spare parts. HAllo!!!???? It has been a year, you know...SWATCH team , are you there? :P

We were having lunch at one of the malls yesterday when we decided to make our first official purchase for 2011 (going to the market is not counted yah... ) . And here're what we got!

No prizes for guessing which is mine. But hey, can share share!

I am eyeing this watch from Marc Jacobs... saw it online. But I wonder if it is worth the money.... 



jfook said...

Nice watch.

she said...

i LOVE the fresh designs of the SWATCH watches, But on the down side, I really hate the ticking sound it makes....heh.. :s

Punk Chopsticks said...

LOL wow...thats a lot of watches. Hahaha man now I wish I had one (But I don't...so that's sad)

Why are watches so GOSH DARN expensive anyway???

FairyQueen said...

hahah...I didn't notice the ticking sound.Must be turning deaf! :P