When students the darnest things....

Sometimes, students can be really funny whenever they ask weird questions or make remarks at all the weird times.

Scenario 1
I was in class teaching inverse proportions to a bunch of 14-yr-olds. Class was quiet as they were trying to copy down and understand what I was scribbling on the board. As usual , I would ask if they had any questions. One hand shot up immediately .. ( I thought 'ok, student is on task today') . He is one of the class Math experts so I got ready to answer an intellectual question.

"Mdm Har ****, what is the date today? "

???!!!???? I pretended to throw the marker at him.

And students nowadays seriously check out what teachers wear - the shoes, belts, watches etc etc. In the past years, I have had questions whether my heels were from Aldo, where I got my jewellery from, how many watches I have... if only they are as interested in their studies.

Scenario 2
It was a Sec 4 class and I was explaining how the structure of an exposition writing should be like. We had a bit of discussion and exchanged ideas when one girl asked how many shawls I have . She claimed that I never seem to repeat my shawls. LOL

Same class - doing groupwork. They were rather good and were really putting in their efforts. I was just walking around, checking out what each group had come up with when another girl was trying to catch my attention.

Assuming her group had things to clarify,I went over and what did I get ?
"'Cher, I really like what you are wearing today. Where did you buy your top?"

Sigh. Should I laugh?  :P