Something white, something fluffy

Would you eat a rabbit?

The other day , we were just having some family conversation and it got steered towards rabbit meat (don't ask me why).

I remember when I was twelve, I did try to have a go at Rabbit Stay at one of the roadside stalls in KL.

I have heard of "good reviews" of rabbit meat - people tell me the that meat is sweet , juicy and more tender than that of a chicken. Obviously , I didn't believe or rather, didn't want to believe.

I mean , seriously, how to consume such cute animals????


Imagine them being trapped, slaughtered, grilled/cooked and served?

Oh gosh.

So what happened that one night in KL? About 3 seconds after I put the meat into my mouth , I vomitted it out (plus an earlier lunch... Ewww? I know.) . I don't think it was the taste of the meat.... I mean , in 3 seconds, what can u taste?

It was more of the mental image I had of the furry being ...eating carrots, jumping around... how could I eat those cute bunnies?

But people always refute my stand and ask why, then , do I eat chicken?Aren't they animals and cute too?

My reasons for being able to eat chicken:
1) They are not cute. I find them one of the least pretty animals around.
2) They are bred for consumption ... and almost a staple in our society. So, don't blame me ! Blame society...hahhahaha
3) I grew up eating them so obviously I like chicken . If my mother had fed me with rabbit meat during my younger days, maybe I wld have been more receptive.

Dad was trying to convice me that it is all about mind over matter. Don't think , just eat !

Too bad that is one wish of his that I can never fulfill. :P

Hey , I just realised that 2011 is the year of the rabbit!!! Is it auspicious to consume rabbit meat then?


ph1l1p said...

for 1 million dollar ill eat rabbit

FairyQueen said...

haha! Good one! On hindsight, I think I would too! :P

FairyQueen said...
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