Therapy for the soul @ Nirwana Resort, BIntan

This may be a slightly longer post than usual but hey , there are photos for justification!

It has been only six months since the last getaway in Angsana Resort, Bintan. We decided to do another one because there was a good deal on Only $128 per room at 4* Nirwana Gardens Resort so why not?

Since it was just a getaway, we only started packing the very morning that we were leaving. Nothing much to pack anyway ... but I still forgot a few things here and there. Tsk.

We reached Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal at 9:30am . I was expecting a crowd, just like the previous time but I forgot that it was Christmas eve the next day , hence the small number of people.

I was super duper hungry and I must never board a ferry on an empty stomach so we had breakfast at the new Indian cafe.

My huge double egg prata! I have been having a big appetite lately so this was nothing :P

In the ferry... see, not many people after all!
Since we were out celebrating the whole day the day before,, it took me only five minutes to fall asleep. I don't even remember the ferry docking off. It was a good sleep.... the next time I opened my eyes, we were already at Bintan Betani Ferry Terminal! Yahoo! Relaxation , here I come!

In the bus heading towards the resort

A glimpse of what lies ahead....

Traditional dance to wlecome tourists. The tune was pretty catchy but they danced every time a bus came in so I can still remember the tune. Heard it too many times :)

Lobby was HUGE! It felt more like some open-spaced mall.
Just like the previous time, it wasn't time for check-in yet so we went to explore the place. It is a rather big place, with every facility you can think of at a resort.

Do not be deceived by this picture. The swimming pool is huge, they have about 6 sections, including an infinity pool, their version. We did go swimming on the second day but no pics taken. Sorry!

Those rooms with balconies are the suites. SHould have taken that ... but the online deal didn't offer this.

One of the 3 restaurants available (they have more but still under construction). This was called the "Coffeeshop". hehe.... not a very appropriate name for a pretty place and wonderful service.

Christmas decor everywhere! The desserts were pretty good :)

Soon , it was time for us to check in. SInce the place is quite big, you may have to walk quite a bit if you get the rooms very much further from the lobby. Luckily for us, our room was pretty near.

Clean-cut furnishings with the window view of the garden. The room has ceiling-to-floor windows (I like!) and very intricate little details. Pretty and comfy. My only complaint is the bed creaks!!!

Cannot enjoy electric bikes in Spore?Ride all u want here, can even go up and down the hills!

As always, whenever I go to such places, my main aim is to go to the spa because I just love those authentic Indonesian massages. Nirwana Gardens has its own in-room spa service (I think it is called Amara Spa Massage or something like that) but while I was doing my online research, the website directed me to KEDATON SPA in Mayang Sari Resort which is about a five-minutes drive from NIrwana Resort.

I liked what I saw and read so I went ahead to book an appointment.

No regrets. The experience was amazing.


It is located in Mayang Sari Resort. There will be a car to pick clients up 15 minutes before the appointment. MUST book in advance!

When I stepped into the area,  I already knew I was going to love it . The place is in natural surroundings ... very village-like with lots of trees and flowers decorating the pathway. Just the walk down the pebbled path was enough to make me anticipate the day's experience.

What's more, I had opted for the outdoor pavilion.

The waiting room. I love the interior!

Being led out into the open for the self-indulgence moment....

YUp.. the ceiling ... natural sunlight and wind accompany you throughout.

Basically, it was heavenly. One word to summarize the whole experience - tranquility. I felt really at ease as the muscles were massaged, knots unknotted... occasionally, you hear the birds chirping and waves crashing on the shore (it's by the beach....). I was sad that it ended so soon (ok, actually it lasted 3 hours but I felt that it was really too short!)

It was night time when it all came to an end.....

Hehe... fresh and relaxed!

If you don't opt for outdoor, I bet you will still enjoy your experience behind those colourful doors!

We didn't do much that night ... just a brief walk down the beach  and light snacks for dinner. I guess the body was just too relaxed that I fell asleep pretty early! Missed the 9pm Chinese show (yup, u get all the SG channels).

Next morning, after a hearty breakfast (and I really mean hearty!) and morning swim, we ventured out to Nirwana Resort Centre.

For those looking out for activities to do in Bintan, here's the place. You can do the flying fox (888 metres...what???), paintball, go on the trampoline, pony-riding , table-tennis, basketball etc etc.... and oh, the AVT!!! A must-try ! I had so much with that in Bali ...too bad there was no time for it. We went bowling as we had a voucher for that , courtesy of the hotel :) .

NIrwana Resort Centre

And soon , it was home sweet home... :(

Oh well, back to reality..... I seriously miss Kedaton...


P/S: Sorry , we stayed at Nirwana Resort , not Nirwana Gardens. Oooopsss!


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cool places.. happy new year 2011.. =)

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Happy 2011 to u too!