A housewife for the day...

Very housewifey today .

Besides the usual laundry, fold clothes and sweep floor routine I do every weekend, I cooked for all 3 meals today. That has not happened for quite some time. Normally , I would just cook extra for lunch so that we can keep the food for dinner , or just cook for dinner.

I rarely make breakfast because on weekdays we would be rushing for work... and on weekends, heh....u can guess .... I wanna catch up on my beauty sleep :)

So , it was potato-with-minced meat salad for a late breakfast - I think it was almost ten when we tucked in .

Maggie mee for lunch! Hahahha.... I know this does not equate to cooking but hey , still must cut veges sausages and boil water, you know ! LOL. Anyway, husby requested for that although I felt slightly guilty for letting him eat just that before his tennis session.

Anyway, it is Spicy Fried Macaroni for dinner.

I swear it is among the easiest dish to make. If I focus like just now (I always get distracted - answer calls , catch some etc) , it should not take more than 20 mins - including all the boiling and cutting before actual cooking).

That's all I need ! My sambal paste is pre-made. I usually make a big amount and then store it in the fridge. Super convenient for working ladies! :)

Spicy enough?

I must have my egg omelette...

It may not look good but I cannot wait to tuck in anyway!

I made Mee Soto from scratch the other day. No time to share but I hope to do so soon. :)

Stay positive for tomorrow - MOnday blues and 'O' Level results!!!