Saturday dinner @ FIKA CAFE

We decided to head down to town at 5pm , without the car. We have done that a few times since it is always tough to find a parking lot, on top of the heavy traffic on the roads.

With the car,I hate the fact that after walking down the whole stretch of road, we have to backtrack to go back to the carpark. Taking the MRT means just hopping in at the next nearest station :)

We did some quick shopping . I managed to get my FitFlops and some other 'nonsense'. After dusk prayers, he suggested taking the train down to Bugis and find a place to eat somewhere along Arab Street.

 Arab Street/ Haji Lane is pretty happening at night  as we discovered. The pubs were full and so were the many middle-eastern eateries , with some having people lounging along the corridors with their sheeshas.

We walked all the way to the end and checked out the Swedish FIKA CAFE.


We realised that most of their furniture were probably purchased from Ikea - the chairs, tables, frames, candles...and even some of the plates! But that shouldn't be surprising since Ikea does originate from Sweden.

If this set is also from Ikea, then I wanna get! Very cute!

That's me waiting ...pretending to look fresh when my feet were actually sore from all the walking!

His CIDER drink. The can looks so much like beer...heh

Starter: Cream of Mushroom Soup. Very creamy! If you like the very creamy type, you would love this. I, on the other hand, had to put in pepper to offset the taste.

Dry bread with butter. Lives up to its name... dry and HARD! But the crunchiness goes very well with the butter. Quite nice :)

Swedish Meatballs. He ordered this and I tasted a little. I would say the meatballs have a very nice texture to them. I could taste the spices that were used to blend and mix to form the balls. A recommendation!

There were quite a few things that I wanted to try out, from the menu. In the end, I settled for the Grilled Salmon in lemon butter sauce. YUMMMMMSSS!!! I like it much. Very filling though because of the potatoes.

Initially, I told husby I would definitely order dessert. Everything looked super tempting! Unfortunately, I was very full and only decided to share whatever he would order.

Choco balls 3 for $3.90. Super small but it's ok.... I didn't like it. haha....

I think I would want to visit this place another time and try out the other dishes that caught my attention.

Where's FIKA CAFE?
No. 257 Beach Road / Arab Street, Singapore
(on the corner of Beach Road and Arab Street)


I shall end with a (my own) slogan - Food makes one happy! :)


lovelyloey said...

It's halal? Cool, since Ikea is not (their meatballs have pork). Been wanting to go to Fika, thanks for the review!

FairyQueen said...

Lovelyloey> Yups, Halal of course! :) I didn't know Ikea one contains oink oink :P

Iqa said...

I can confirm Ikea's meatballs contain barbie. :D

Been meaning to make a trip to Fika since last year but never did. Really want to try their meatballs.

I shall go there next week!

FairyQueen said...

Iqa> Try their crepes and let me know! hehe... didn't get a chance to try out much that night .