Weekend is here!

Finally , the weekend is here.

I have been so darn busy this week that my brain religiously switched off once it was 9pm.

I could still be awake, sitting down ....but it was just an act of 'stoning'.

Like yesterday - I had straight lessons from 8am all the way to 12:30pm with only a 20-mins break in between.

At 12:40pm, there was a meeting for teachers handling the graduating classes and then followed by a workshop that ended around 4:30pm.

Gosh! I just wanted to get out of that building!

I managed to get some markings done before I left for the airport soon after to fetch sister home and then met up with my besties......

Day ended only at 11pm!!!!!!

It was definitely a very tiring day (and week) but I am glad that I managed to catch up with my friends. Rahayu is getting married this JUne and so we were mainly talking about it and our duties for the event .

It is going to be grand, and exciting, of course.

The weekend is finally here and I am all set for lessons on Monday. So, I dun wanna think of work till Sunday night.

Have a good weekend, y'all!