I survived the first week of school .

And I think I went through a huge amount of "jet-lag" - the school version.

The first thing that I needed to get to used to again would be the waking up at five every morning . How I miss those days when I could sleep for a couple more hours! After 4 such days, I think my body's back on track. Today , I automatically woke up at five, without the alarm .

It is a Saturday but I couldn't really sleep after that thus, decided to do some housework.

So how has the week been so far? Well, definitely very hectic.

Just like all the previous years, there were many things to be done in the first week. I feel tired already! I must remind myself to exercise more... now that I am older, I definitely need to build up my stamina if I were to last for the rest of the year.

One  difference I like about the current situation in school is actually the change in DM. Not that I dislike the previous one but I feel that just in this week alone, you can see a difference . It may be slight but I think in the long run, discipline would definitely be tighter if the discipline comm is able to maintain it.

Well, obviously the students are making noise about the whole thing.....I am not surprised :) But, we shall just wait and see for results ...

And yup, this is the start of working on weekends again. Tata lazy Saturdays and Sundays! :P


Ken Wooi said...

always looking towards weekends.. haha :)

FairyQueen said...

Ken> haha! I do too! at least , away from all the hullaballoo