Yummy Molten Chocolate Cake

 2 of my colleagues and I had lunch with our CCA kids at PIzza HUt yesterday.

And for dessert, we tried their Signature Molten Chocolate Cake with Ice-Cream

If you have eaten molten lava cake before, you would know that the most exciting part is actually cutting the cake.

If it is done well, hot chocolate 'lava' will ooze out , giving you that "Whoaaaa...." feeling.

We were all attracted to the picture on the menu and everyone wanted to have a taste of it.

So it ended up with 2 people sharing 1 , which equates to us ordering 11 sets of the dessert.

Honestly, it was very yummy. The 'lava' was warm and together with the vanilla ice-cream, almond flakes  and chocolate sauce, it was rather heavenly. Too bad we were sharing -  I could seriously finish everything on my own!

The next time you go to Pizza Hut , give it a shot! It may not be the best but it is definitely a decadent :)


jfook said...

Oh my I love!

FairyQueen said...

jfook> hahha! So sinful, ain't it?