BB Cream from Missha

I don't put on a primer before I apply my daily make-up , no matter what people say. It suffices to say that I just hate that greasy feeling on my skin , which becomes worse after a few hours. And before you think I'm just a cheapo because they were probably of the cheap brands... they were not!!!

I think my skin was just not compatible with the products I tried. So, I gave up.

Lately, I have heard a lot about the BB (Blemish Balm) cream. But I didn't know there were that many different ones in the market.... I wanted to try but had no idea which brand to get. When my sister said that she would be purchasing some products from, I asked her to get me the BB cream.

But then , the sister also has no idea which brand to get! Most of the products on the site are from Korea but that itself consists of more than a few.

In the end, she got for me and herself the one from Missha.

I have tried Missha products before and this one was neither too expensive nor cheap ... It was about $29, so, I thought, why not ?

M Vita B.B Cream - Moisture Type

 essential vitamin complexes derived from
 natural ingredients. Multi-function and easy
 to use, it helps to moisturize, protect,
correct skin tone and block harmful UV
rays. What’s more, the silky texture of this
lightweight cream is quickly absorbed and
leaves skin soft and supple. It can be used
as a makeup base or foundation.

I like colour of the tube. Golden-bronze , whatever you call it .

However, when I first tried it on, I was rather surprised at the opaqueness of the liquid and how the colour simply did not match my skin tone! I expected it to be translucent since I didn't remember it coming in specific skin tones.

See what I mean? I was worried that I would end up
looking like a ghost (reminded of those girls with
too-white foundation on their faces).

But the fear was really unnecessary. I love how the cream blended well and eventually, the skin colour remains the same - only with a much smoother tone and brighter glow! I love!

The instructions say that for enhanced effects, use a foundation or facial powder after applying the cream. But seriously, I thought it was good on its own!

The first day, I just applied loose powder over it. Make-up looked as good, even after many hours without any touch-ups. On the second day, I had to be outdoors so I smacked on my usual two-way cake..... even after being in the hot sun and sweating for 3 hours, I only had to powder the tip of my nose a little!

I think BB cream is such a heaven-sent....who created it , I wonder? Must really thank that person!

If anyone out there is still wondering whether to try out the BB cream, go ahead! And while you are at that , why not try this one?

In addition , provides free delivery for purchases above $80. Totally worth it!



ohmywtf said...

seems like alot of brands come out with BB cream :-)

FairyQueen said...

haha... Yah. I don't even know who was first! Eh, guys can try too u know.. :)

Ken Wooi said...

sometimes natural is better? =P

FairyQueen said...

kenwooi>> haha. That's a very typical guys' comment! Well,it's just a cream to cover up any blemishes, I think the ladies will appreciate it :) But of course, if I am blessed with 100% perfect skin, I have no complaints ...heehee...