MY Precious!

I am sure all of us have a favourite spot in the home. Some may like the kitchen , living room or balcony.

As for me , I think I like all parts of my home - maybe except the guest room because that room can get a tad too hot , especially in the day.

I would say I love my kitchen because I like the design and only I know exactly where almost everything is (although I, myself, may fail to locate things sometimes). That is also where I practise my (very limited) culinary skills.

Next would be my (our) bedroom. The dark wood furnishings, the dim lights.... I can easily fall asleep once I just barely rest my body on the bed. Very cosy , very comfortable.

But the one at the top of my list of my favourite spots in the home has got to be THIS !

Yup, it's our SHOE CABINET!!!!!!

It was love at first sight. And definitely, an impulse buy! We were looking for other furniture when we passed this shop that sold all kinds of shoe cabinets you can think of.

Ok , come .... let's open it a little.

Yeah... you can see that my staple colours are basically black , brown and beige. Once in a while, I do buy something different just to inject some colours into the collection.

No whites? I have ! I have ! I'll show you the other side .....

I just love the cabinet so much that sometimes I would just open it up and admire the insides for a full 10 minutes! :P

But as you can see, this is shared with the other half... haha.. I am blessed to have a partner who loves shoe-shopping as much as I do ! ( oklah... maybe slightly less....slightly only :P )

The cabinet is supposed to be able to store 35 pairs so we agreed that we shall limit the number of pairs of shoes we own . Him - 17, Me - 18.

Obviously, we have failed. Miserably.

We ended up buying another shoe cabinet in white for our more casual footwear , like loafers, sandals, Fitflops etc. This is in the kitchen :P

There are some more shoes and boots in the store room, and a pair or two at the workplace. Ooopsss... this is like an OCD , ain't it?

I always promise to myself - after every shoe spree - that I have to and I shall stop. No more additions.

But we are humans afterall, we only plan. I succumbed to temptation over the weekends :(

We need a third one.

My first ever Clarks sandals. Super comfy!

Very similar to the one I initially wanted. But at least,
in these, my toes can breathe :P

Hmmmm... now , I just have to figure out which shoes to kick out of the cabinet, to make space for these beauties...

Maybe I shall choose his  :P


Ken Wooi said...

wow so many! like 100x more than my collection =P

FairyQueen said...

kenwooi>> haha... not really lah . I lose out to some of my frens :P

ohmywtf said...

omg! i HEART that shoes cabinet!! sexy! lol

Kristin said...

Omg! U got so many shoes >.< Im like only have 1/2 of urs.!

FairyQueen said...

ohmywtf> I heart it too! Their biggest could store 140 pairs!!
Kristin> heehee... I want more :P

moey said...

Girls can never have to many shoes! LOL! The cabinet is lovely good choice! I see you Love fashion! Visit my blog!

FairyQueen said...

HI MOey! Thanks . I'll drop by :)

viruspadu said...

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