That 'it' who could not control its temper

By now, the whole of Singapore would have come across or heard about that unfortunate incident of a gay guy continuously slapping and cursing his own schoolmate , who was a girl, in a lift.

Just because he thought she snitched on him by telling his dance teacher that he skipped practice . A very stupid reason , I must say... it does not justify the physical and emotional hurt caused upon the girl.

I was enraged, naturally, and I just could not continue watching the video which was put on Facebook. I could not imagine it happening to my own daughter (imagine I have one lah....), sister or even my own students.

To think that it was such an old school method ( taking the lift all the way up to perform the deed ) .... and whoever took the video is the most unsympathetic and pathetic idiot, I would say.

This guy definitely has an anger management problem. I mean, some teens, especially at this age, tend to be rather short-tempered and easily provoked.  I do not know what will happen to him , now that I heard (but heard only, not confirmed) that he has already been handed over to the authorities.

Jail? Boys' Home? Community Work?

I hope he will undergo some serious counselling, to knock into his head how cowardly and embarrassing his behaviour was.  Sometimes, all these kids need is one big incident to make them learn their lesson.

And not just him. The videogal and those juveniles who were waiting for the show to end, at the lift lobby, should be dealt with as well.

I am not putting up the video here. The poor victim has had enough of publicity , I feel.

I hope this can act as a deterrance to the rest. THINK before you act!

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ohmywtf said... he a famous blogger?

FairyQueen said...
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FairyQueen said...

I am not sure abt that. He just got famous overnight. Just a secondary school student - probably only 15 /16 yrs old. Young blood ....

jfook said...

Owhh..He is Fauzi Rassul or something right? Omg..

FairyQueen said...

hi Jfook... NOt sure of his real name. I read that his name is Hafiz (afez)

Iqah said...


No. He is not Fauzi Rassul. Hafiz (afez) is one of Fauzi's dance crew.

Moey said...

I saw that vid too and was disgusted by the whole incident. I tot the whole incident was just drama by them, an create 'news' and be famous. However the reason being it was wrong. Maybe you posted the wrong picture, that is Fauzi, the guy in the video is Hafez. They are friends. maybe you like to check the picture?

FQ said...

moe >> yeah! I realised my mistake yesterday. No time to rectify. oops! gave pubicity to the wrong person :P Sorry!