Any recommendation for a good camera?

 I am an idiot when it comes to cameras.

So far, I've only owned the Canon Ixus and currently, Fujifilm Fine Pix.

I know, very amateurish. Well, I am not one who goes for DSLR simply because it is too big and bulky and it will be a waste of money as I know nuts about the technicalities of using a DSLR.

However, I know there are some good cameras out there , with lots of features and produce sharp and clear pictures yet, easy for photography-idiot like me. I have seen pictures on the internet taken by non-DSLR cameras that are very breathtaking.

I have decided that I shall get a new camera this year and I think I SERIOUSLY need help. There are so many brands and I am not really sure what to look out for.

My requirements are VERY simple :

1) Compact - with many features rolled into one. Take excellent photos with just point and shoot.

2) Light - I hate to carry heavy bags and to me, every single thing counts. So I am rather particular about the weight of the camera.

3) PINK (or purplish pink , if there is a need to compromise). Yes, it has to be pink. I don't want to break the tradition.Afterall, pink is my favourite colour. Any shade will do . If all fail, GMASK! :)

4) Budget: less than $700

Some cameras under consideration......

2) OLYMPUS U1070 SERIES (Price unknown. Available in dark pink)

3) SONY DSC-W350/P ($369)

Any further recommendations / suggestions are defintely welcomed!


jfook said...

Im using IXUS 120S

FairyQueen said...

jfook>>> ooohh....r u satisfied with it?

chenlin said...

m using IXUS 130IS^^

Kristin said...

I will recommend you to buy 1) CANON DIGITAL IXUS 210 ($599)

Iqah said...

Along go with Panasonic Lumix Lx3. It has leica lens and it's really good! Lx5 is coming out soon. So you can check that out! ;)

FairyQueen said...

Iqah>> Is that an idiot-friendly camera? hehe....