Ayam Lemak Cili Padi

I think the above can be loosely translated into Spicy Chicken in Coconut Milk.

I went over to my mum's place last Thursday and saw some leftovers of the dish. There wasn't much left so I didn't get to eat any, sadly. I was drooling lah ..... really :P

However , I didn't expect to keep thinking about it . I imagined the taste of the spicy gravy going down my throat and chewing on the succulent chicken meat. On Saturday night , I even dreamt of going to Hjh Maimunah Restaurant (a place known for delicious Malay dishes) and ordering the same dish!

Thus, when I woke up that Sunday morning, I decided I was going to cook it. I know...very ambitious of me...

Mind you , I have never tried cooking this dish ... never! I was clueless even as to what ingredients I needed.

Well, since we are in an IT-world, I googled for the recipe. Husby also found his mum's recipe in his records. The two recipes differ slightly so putting my (extremely little) cooking experience, I tried to adjust and combine the two recipes somehow... hehehe.....

I got husby to go to the market and get the ingredients while I cleaned up the house. Thank God he is the marketing expert here! What will I do without him......

I am no expert at cooking so, it was with much faith and conviction that I was going to give this virgin trial a shot.

First, blend the following:
1 stalk of lemongrass               20 -25 stalks of bird's eye chilli
2cm tumeric                             4 red chillies
2cm ginger                               2 green chillis
2 cloves garlic
2 - 4 small onions (red)
2cm galangal

Next, marinate the chicken (500g) lightly with salt and tumeric powder.

Optional: Fry it till half-cooked.

Saute the grounded ingredients in hot oil . After which,  put the chicken pieces in and stir .

Allow the chicken pieces to cook before you pour in 200ml of coconut milk. Basically, that is the whole KARA coconut milk box (small).

Almost done! Stir again.  (colour of gravy should be a lighter yellow by now).

Add in some salt and water. Stir.

Put the lid on and let it simmer for about  5 - 10 mins.


It was fast and quite easy. It turned out pretty fine, I would say . I am proud of myself. Haha.

I guess it is a good motivation to continue hone my culinary skills. I must learn to make Western Food now. Enough of Malay dishes already :P


jfook said...

Wow, looks spicy!

Shuo feng said...

HAHA! FINE! Thanks MDM haryani! :D hope to see you soon!

FairyQueen said...

jfook> spicy , yes! Shiok! :)

xinyun said...

looks good and spicy! :)

Anonymous said...

hi... Ur recipe seems simple and mouth watering.... I'm a bachelor and come across ur page today... do I guess I'm gonna give it a try... bit by bit I'm am trying and growing my personal database of Malay food recipe... Hope it turns out all well in a while... Simply can't wait to have a go at it later.... Bon appetit....

FairyQueen said...

Hello anonymous bachelor!
Yups,it is easy and pretty good,I would say. Do let us know how urs turns out! Happy cooking!