FITFLOPS - workout as u walk!

If you know me or have been a reader of my blog, u would know that I love shoes - especially heels.

Just over the hols, I got myself a total of 6 pairs of shoes - 3 pairs of heels, 1 pair of wedges, 2 pairs of slippers.

However, perhaps due to the fact that I am getting older, I can no longer last 10 hours on stilettos. I used to be able to be on 3-inches heels from 7 am to 6pm for work. Now, I have slippers (under the desk) to change into once I am out of class, and I can only last about 4 hours on platforms/ heels while shopping. :(

Thus, I was very intrigued when a friend showed me her FITFLOP sandals during one of our dates a couple of months back. A footwear that helps you workout as u walk - now, that is something to my advantage, especially on shopping trips!  I kept thinking about it and finally last night , I decided to get a pair @ Paragon!

 What makes FITFLOPS different from the usual flipflops?
(from official website)
FitFlop footwear is biomechanically engineered to help tone and tighten your leg muscles while you walk in them. Studies at the Centre for Human Performance at London South Bank University (LSBU) show that normal walking in FitFlop sandals* can help:
  • - help increase leg and bottom muscle activity (up to 30%). (so you feel less ache in your hips and knees),
  • - absorb more shock than a normal shoe (up to 22%),
  • - help realign ground force reaction closer to your joints,
  • - reduce foot pressure.
 I haven't really put it to a test. However the 20 brisk steps I took while trying them out yesterday were very comfortable . Enough to convince me!

One important factor to add on is that unlike the usual slippers, this one gives u added height!

Being the petite me, any extra inches are more than welcomed! :)

Designs are limited though ... you may not find them very flattering. But I think the supplier is testing the local market. I went to the US website, they definitely have more than just slippers.

I am going to try out my purchase soon... maybe today...

Get a workout while you walk - Why Not?


Lim Kai Shin said...

*high5* I love heels too!! Haha..

FairyQueen said...

Kai shin> hehe.. too bad I am getting OLD!