Here's where I'll be during CNY hos!

I really think husby and I have been very successful in keeping ALL our Saturdays work-free this year. Usually , we would be doing work at home and would only go out in the evening.

Yesterday , we even managed to visit his auntie in Johor and stayed overnight at his mum's Johor house.

I wonder how long this will last. I wish all future Saturdays would be work-free.

Another thing to note in the diary- ever since we got married, we have always stayed in Singapore during the CNY hols. Simple reasons are:
1) We use the hols to catch up on work and marking.
2) It is just way to crowded to go anywhere.

But this year, we are going away! Just nearby , but there would be about 17 us going altogether!And they are ALL my favourite people.... How cool is that....

My beloved family and grandpa

Favourite aunt and favourite cousins!

Cute Riyaz and mummy!

Where are going?

Well, my parents own a house in the A'Famosa Resort Malacca so that's where!

And my aunt has managed to book a bungalow .. we would be in the same area definitely....I just hope theirs is really next to our house :P

An example of a rented bungalow

oooohhhhh.... I just cannot wait. I know it will be fun!


The IBU said...

U are always overexcited.. Must say Insya Allah ok.. Insya Allah we'll be there and we'll have fun ;)

FairyQueen said...

haha...ok , InsyaAllah. But I am not always overexcited. You must have mixed that personality up with urself. I am more worried abt my markings furing the hols