One way to destress....

...... is to go shopping!

I have had a super busy week and I really looked forward to the weekend.

We had  quite a few things to attend to yesterday (Saturday) but eventually , we did manage to squeeze some time for a wee bit of shopping.

It always helps us to destress, even if it is just temporarily.

We had to get our bedroom lights repaired. Since the shop was in Paya Lebar, we did a quick detour to Tanjong Katong Complex as I wanted to get a peach shawl. Didn't manage to find one.... but still, ended up with a little loot.

I love it when I get cheap and good deals. The two shawls were for $15 and the brooches , 4 for $10. And I like this type because the gems / stones will never fall off.

Lunch was at Seoul Garden, courtesy of sister.

Soon, it was five pm and husby decided to go to Orchard as he wanted to get a messenger bag. But knowing how horrible road traffic can be, once again, we decided to leave the car and take public transport. We were very tired though, having been out since 9am ... so it was nap time in the train. Haha!

Most of the times, we like to shop together. But on instances like yesterday, we decided to split ways to ensure higher time efficiency :) Since I wanted to cover all floors of Forever21 @ Somerset 313, he went on to venture on his own.

As always, I did not get anything much at F21. I was looking for a cropped denim jacket but  to no success.

Very cute casual top and belt. I really like the gal on the tee!

Sunglasses @ $11 each. Cheap cheap!!! I wanted to get the purple and white ones as well but decided to put that idea on hold.

The taupe one has interesting designs on the stems...I like!

Meanwhile, the husby has ventured into PUMA and couldn't decide among the many shoes...yeah , their collection this time round is pretty amazing. Like I have said so many times before, we are really similar when it comes to shoes... we must have them in as many colours as possible!

To match his purple Swatch

I personally like this one....

Messenger bag FX Creations @ Tangs

While he was looking through the bags at Tangs, my eyes fell on this eye-catching red shades....Drool.....

It's from Givenchy and it costs $360! Oh my.... The most expensive shades I have ever bought was just $200 from RayBan. I am not sure if I will ever be willing to part with my money this way..... but it is gorgeous! Especially when red complements my skin colour well..... :(

 Sigh..... I am so in love with the red sunnies . I wonder if I can get it cheaper online....

We ended up at Arab Street (again!) for a very late dinner / supper @ Zamzam Restaurant. Very fattening but I didn't care ! I was so hungry I could eat a horse!

Chicken murtabak with no onions! SLURPPPPP!!

We took bus 12 back home....and just like last Saturday , I slept the whole journey through. Heh... I was quite awake when we finally reached home at almost 1am ....

So, no more Saturday shopping for the next couple of weeks... We shall either stay at home or go to anywhere that does not require much spending!

 Oh....will be giving away PUMA diary/planner ..Check out the space!


Iqah said...

Along, get the red shades! It totally suits you. I can already imagine it. ;-)

FairyQueen said...

Iqa> I am not rich like Angah Mas , u know....heh....

Gucci Girl said...

Oi why u gossip abt me ar? Aiyoh $360 u might as well get miu miu!

FairyQueen said...

hahha.....I knew u were going to say that! I knew it!

FairyQueen said...
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